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About Nanox


The December of 2016 marks the
20th anniversary of our company.
It all started in 1996, when Horst Gamper has the idea to create a unique ski company whose products are significantly different from most product of that time, with high quality and top performance. So far, we have several successful brands and projects behind us. One of these brands is certainly Nanox. Today, Nanox is known for its unique products such as Nanox ski wax, skis and ski tuning machines. We look forward to many more years. Big thanks to our friends and loyal clients that have supported us over the years!

We are a small company based in South Tyrol with 25 years of experience in the ski industry.

Our goal is to be a leader in this field because we are the ones who can, know how and who are capable of doing this because it is in our blood.

Thanks to the Alps where we were born we have combined our tradition and passion with modern technology. Our ski wax is stemmed from the heart of mountain as a value of many years of work and knowledge by people from our land.

We are committed to give the world the true value ​​because we love what we do and because we are born on skis.


Now Nanox products are everywhere around the world thanks to high quality, nanotechnology and experience that we have in ski business. You can find ski wax, ski tuning machines, skis and know how in just one place.

We have acquired the know-how over many years of ski racing service at high level competitions and we invented and patented products such as binding plates Vist - V-tech ( Gampy Flex ) which has made a real revolution at that time and it has dominated for nearly 10 years the Alpine Ski World Cup.

Our vision is that in every country exists one Nanox ski center. So that the people can finally enjoy skiing. We offer only high-quality and high performance products. We offer the best solutions for every skier to reach unforgettable skiing experience. Also we provide strategic consulting for ski service, ski rental and shops and we advise companies and private persons all about ski sector.

The top 10 reasons to use Nanox ski wax

Nanox ski wax is one of the most used ski waxes in the world.
Only one ski wax for all snow conditions and temperatures.
The simplest application.
We are the first who have only one ski wax for training (Training wax 600g) and only one racing ski wax (Nanox CFX II ski wax 220g).
Simply the fastest ski wax in the world.
Our ski wax is produced using renewable energy (green energy: photovoltaics).
We are the first to use nanotechnology in the production of solid ski waxes.
The unique formula.
Tested and confirmed on the high level ski competitions all around the world.
Winners know why.

Nanox ski wax workshops


We have educated thousands of athletes, parents and coaches from our headquarters in Whistler all across Canada and many countries abroad. We offer this service to help educate all levels of skiers as well as athletes, their parents and coaches about not only the 'how to' but also the importance of ski tuning, ski waxing and its crucial link to skill development.
Your group can choose either a 'learn by doing' approach (workshop format) or a more traditional 'visual/auditory' approach. Workshops are available upon request. For more information please email us

Central Europe and Italy

Learn to prepare your skis in the ideal way, knowing the Nanox ski wax technology well. The workshop can be held at your club with a minimum of 20 persons. Nanox race wax workshop participation fee is 75,00 EUR per person. Every participant receives a Nanox race wax start kit with the following products: Nanox ski wax apron, CFX II race wax, nylon brush, scraper. Workshops are available upon request. For more information please email us


Nanox ski wax workshop in France.
Workshops are available upon request. All interested athletes, parents, coaches can apply to the following email


nanox ski service center alexander zöschg

"In my active time the simple Nanox ski wax system was very advantageous and faster. So I decided to found my own business based on the Nanox know-how. With my Nanox NC1 ski tuning machine I can offer to my clients a High-End ski service."

- Alex Zöschg, former European Cup ski racer and now entrepreneur

nanox ski tuning machine val gardena gröden südtirol

"With our Nanox NC1 machine we can offer to our customers the best prepared skis. This is very important so they can experience unique emotions and come again."

- Hermann and Oswald Ploner, Ski World - Ski rental, ski service in Val Gardena, South Tyrol

nanox ski tuning machine val gardena gröden südtirol

"After many years of use of Nanox ski wax I also decide to have their skis. There is no comparison with racing skis from the big corporation, Nanox Rush GS is simply more stable and more dynamic than anything else."

- Markus Pichler, Masters ski racer Austria

nanox ski wax slovakia

"The know-how transfer with Nanox is great! The Nanox NC1 machine and Nanox ski wax bring huge benefits to the emerging ski nations."

- Jaroslav Polacek, ski techs Slovakia

nanox cross country ski

"So fast skating skis I never had chance to ski before. It was so fast from the first moment I tried them. It is a pleasure to race with Nanox Rush skating ski."

- Martin Bergmeister, one of the best Italien masters cross-country skiers

nanox ski wax canada and usa

"It's great to see how successful Nanox ski wax is becoming here in Canada in such a short time. Nanox is without question the simplest wax system I've ever used! It's extremely fast in our diverse snow conditions coast to coast and this is why our athletes and ski techs like it more and more."

- Christian Hiller Sidecut, Nanox distributor for Canada and USA

nanox touring ski

"Incredibly stable and dynamic, the best touring ski I ever had."

- Wolfgang Hell, professional mountaineer and mountain guide always on his Nanox touring ski

Click here to watch one of his adventures